Acting on deeper insights with AI-enhanced analytics

Audio electronics manufacturer accesses advanced value by accelerating data ingestion with automated apps

a person driving a Harman car


Without a cross-departmental analytics standard to ensure continuity and consistency, app development takes place in silos and isn't scaled across the business.

HARMAN is an independent subsidiary of Samsung, providing connected car technology, lifestyle audio products and digital transformation solutions.



Business users spend more time finding, ingesting and validating data across multiple analytics tools, than analyzing it, preventing HARMAN from advancing business goals.


HARMAN wanted to accelerate the journey from data to insight, empowering business users with Generative AI to help them answer unstructured queries about data held in the Qlik platform.

“Qlik was the perfect, scalable solution. We didn’t build a better mousetrap; we reset the one we had – this time with better bait.”


HARMAN embedded ChatGPT functionality into Qlik dashboards, which combined with Qlik’s Auto ML codeless automation, allows users to extract further value from company data sets.


Business users can move beyond descriptive analytics and contextual insights from data, using natural language questions. Instead of simply visualizing data, they can ask what it might tell us about the impact on operations in the future.

“We are empowering people to gather contextual insights from our data – even if they’re not data scientists. After we ask the questions, ChatGPT does the heavy lifting.”

Qlik 導入の理由

Integration of the Qlik platform with Generative AI has allowed analytics teams to spend more time generating value from data, but also supported citizen developers across the business access insights faster without having to code themselves.

Qlik でビジネス変革を実現するには?