Building and deploying AI for advanced use cases

Supply chain-as-a-service provider predicts future issues with 360-degree control tower

A warehouse full of pallets and boxes


When the pandemic rocked the world’s supply chain, businesses lacked real-time visibility of the direct and indirect impact on enterprise asset management.

SDI is a digital supply chain company that focuses on aligning inventories to overall reliability and enterprise risk management strategies.



Supply chain reporting generally looks backwards, but such a dynamic, fast-moving environment requires a more proactive approach to inventory management.


SDI wanted to build on its ZEUS platform, using automated analytics to forecast potential issues, notify clients ahead of time and help them think more progressively about their supply chains.

“We must do the best with what we’ve got, and what we’ve got is data – lots of it.”


SDI built on its existing application of Qlik Sense as the data visualization layer of its ZEUS platform, integrating automated alert features and plugging in APIs.


Clients can see real-time data for EDI, predictive analytics, order-to-shipment monitoring, eProcurement, and more. They receive automated alerts when there are inventory price changes forecasted to impact the bottom line, or based on pre-defined scenarios – de-risking the supply chain.

“SDI has seen an 8x increase in the number of clients getting access to external analytics since 2020, which we firmly believe is due to our automation efforts.”

Qlik 導入の理由

The intuitive Qlik platform, along with features such as the Qlik Community, enables business users without technical training to engage with complex, but democratized, supply chain data to make informed decisions.

Qlik でビジネス変革を実現するには?